One’s Identity Is One’s Most
Valuable Possession

What is OneID?

Identity defines you, me, us and the whole world around us. Nurturing the existence and Protecting, safeguarding the integrity of something that carries such importance is paramount in this ever-changing, ever-evolving time and space we live in.
OneID came into existence from the belief that ‘One’s Identity is One’s most valuable possession’. OneID has been built to give the Identity Owner the fundamental right to own and control his/her Identity at the same time have an option at his/her disposal to seamlessly manage it and use it in total or in parts at his/her own discretion with minimum effort.
OneID is a self-sovereign digital identity platform/framework based on the post-quantum cryptography design principles and adhering to the W3C standards. Its universal ID format is encrypted on a decentralized ledger. It’s built to totally remove the possibility of any correlation and side channel attacks.
To Sum it up!
OneID is Trusted. OneID is Sovereign. OneID is Irrefutable.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Being the self-sovereign digital identity platform/framework, OneID provides a highly secure environment to the users/Identity owners helping them manage, authenticate, safeguard and use their identities. OneID will store the encrypted data pertaining to the Identity and its attributes from different identity providers viz...
Passport details from Passport Authority
Driving License details from Driving License Issuing Authorities
Ownership Records from Government Departments like Ministry of Land
Graduation certificates from Universities
In a highly secure manner which is made possible by OneID’s core architecture. Users/Identity Owners are in total control of their data on OneID Platform and have the discretion of sharing their data as required either in full or parts as needed.
OneID has been built to put the control in the ID owners hands and make any engagement involving his identity simple, seamless, trusted and in many scenarios just by one click.





Our Journey

It all started in Q1 2017 with Reservar, An Aadhaar/UPI (India’s National Identity) based savings and investment application which seamlessly integrates into the online banking ecosystem. Reservar needed the interfacing with banks to enable deliver the full potential of its functionality and application.
Though Aadhaar-based KYC was a great enabler for our purpose, but it still did not help fully leverage some key services Reservar was aiming to deliver. This was the instance where we felt the need for having an identity system that is self-sovereign irrefutable and seamless in its interfacing and the functionality.
Further Q2 2017 saw multiple hacks and attacks on centralized ID management systems (India's Aadhaar, Yahoo!, Equifax etc.) and complexity of KYC and other functions these identities offer. So we started looking for an alternative, that would be more secure and privacy-preserving solutions, that could encapsulate everything we were looking from an Identity framework.
The work by Belenkiy, Camenisch et al. on "Randomizable Proofs and Delegable Anonymous Credentials" fit the problem and the future solution we had envisioned.
In Q3 2017 we first designed a databases based on Camenisch work, with some restrictions, e.g., no possibility of revocation, centralized solution.
Subsequently in Q4 2017 we transitioned this onto Distributed Ledger based solution using the concepts from IBM IdeMix and the cryptographic techniques designed by Camenisch. This lead to the birth of OneID, A self-sovereign digital identity framework that Trusted. Sovereign. Irrefutable.

Our Team

Sridhar Yilapavanam

Chief Executive Officer

Akhilesh Damaraju

Chief Product Officer

Anupam Gupta

Chief Technical Officer

Iram Khan

UI/UX Designer

Yashwanth Kumar

Full Stack Developer

Extended Team and Advisors

Mridula Chakraborthy

Principal Consultant, NEL UK

Ritesh Dubey

Professor, SRM Chennai

Sandeep Yadav

Asst. Professor, IIT Jodhpur

Vivek Vijay

Asst. Professor, IIT Jodhpur

Subhbrata Pal

Consultant Tracxn

Y.N. Singh

Dean of RPG, IIT Kanpur

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ID owned by self, no one else.



Basic Usage & PoCs
Asset Management
Core Crytosystems & Libraries
Anoncreds, Revocations
Zero-Knowledge P2P Transfers &Transactions
Finalized Protocols
Post-quantum/lattice based cryptography
to replace underlying primitives
Wallets: Web & Mobile
Android Wallet v.1
Web Wallet v.1
iOS Wallet v.1
Digital Asset Transactions
Other Intergrations based on needs
Biometric ID verification
Identity-based encryption
API Development
v.1: Support on-boarding, KYC, 2-party payments
through payment provider.
v.2: Add more verticals (internal use)
v.3: Release to developers
v.4: Enhancements, feature supports, bug redressal
Systems, Networks & DLTs
Mainnnet & Tesnet
ACLs, Roles of entities, types of nodes,
clients & network components.
Performance studies & enhancements,
addressing scalling problems-sidechains, sharded chains.
ID parent-child relationships
IoT: IDs for things
Future of OneID
More secure & post-quantum cryptography
One platform for all digital (or otherwise)
ID requirements & application (that needs IDs)
Distributed Exchanges & Auction Platforms based
on OneID

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